With the Kent School photo tour you will experience a once in a life time adventure that you will never forget. You will also have the possibility to talk to other photographers which sometimes helps raise the creativity. Come and create your own memories with your own images! 


How can I pay? Payment must be settled by prepayment. The bank details will be sent to you after your booking. Do I have to fill out and sign a disclaimer? Yes the attendance of the photo tour is only permitted with one of our filled out and signed disclaimers. You will receive this document roughly one week bevor the tour. Is there a minimum age for the attendance of the photo tour? Yes every attendee must be over the age of 18 to be able to book and take place at the tour. Where can I find the tour dates? You can find the tour dates under Booking“ in our booking form. Will new tours be announced? Yes every couple of weeks the tour dates are updated. Are there tours during the photo tour? No. Do you offer other tours? No. Up to how many attendees do you take in each tour? Up to about 25 people. Is there a minimum number of attendees? No there is no minimum. Can I come and visit at any time? No. Do you offer exceptional tours? Yes exceptional tours can be booked for a minimum of about 25 attendees. For enquiries please write to: Does everyone have to pay, or can I bring a friend with me as my escort? Everyone has to pay. Only a certain ammount of people can take place on the photo tour so that the photographers don’t get in each others way. The free tour tickets are limited. Atendees that do not wish to take pictures can walk round the premises and in the buildings. The tour guides can also give you some historic information.  Can I bring a model with me to the photo tour? No you are not allowed to bring models with you to the photo tour. What am I allowed to photograph? During the photo tour you are only allowed to photograph the premises and the buildings with standard hand-held cameras! You are not allowed to take pictures of people at the tour. Are there discount prices for groups? No there are no discount prices for groups. Can I bring my dog with me? No because the floor is full of glass and nails. The risk of injury for your pet would be too high. Please do not leave your dog in the car! Can the tour be cancelled by the owner? Yes but only in very rare cases. Situations could occur that can stop the tour (If the property is sold or if the buildings become too damaged). In these cases we would get in touch with you and arrange a new photo tour or refund the money. Would you cancell the tour because of bad weather? Yes but only if the weather was to be a high risk for you at the tour – Strong hailstones, very strong wind or a storm could cause a cancellation. In these cases we would get in touch with you and arrange a new photo tour. Can I alter my tour booking? Yes tour bookings can be altered up to one week before the tour. The charges are 15 € for each attendee. Can I cancel a tour? No a cancellation is not possible. Please arrange a new booking. What will happen if I don’t turn up at the tour? Your payment will not be refunded. Please let us know in time so we can alter your booking. Tour bookings can be altered up to one week before the tour. The charges are 15 € for each attendee. Is aerial photography allowed? No, every kind of aerial photography is forbidden.

During the tour

Can I walk the tour freely? You can walk the tour freely but because of safety reasons our guides are always nearby. At the beginning of every tour there is a short briefing about the “does and don’ts” on the premises. Is there a car park on the premises? Yes your car will be nearby on the premises and can be easily reached throughout the tour. Please do not leave any valuable items in your car. Are there toilets on the premises? No. Is there any kind of catering on-site? No there is no catering on-site, please bring food and drinks with you. Is there a telephone number I can call in case I get lost on my way to the tour? Yes the number is: 01575-3227464.


What should I wear? Because of glass and nails on the floor it is highly recommended that you wear tough shoes and adequate clothes that are dirt resistant. Even in the summer time it is still quite cold in the buildings. What should I bring with me? Here is a little check list: Camera and lenses - Fully charged rechargeable batteries and replacement batteries - Enough empty memory cards - Tripod for time exposures - Flashlight - Rucksack or a camera bag - Lens cloth - Mobile phone - Tough shoes - Non-sensitive warm clothes - Rain jacket - Torch - Dust mask - Food and drinks - Money for shopping - Carrying bag or a bin liner to take any rubbish you have brought with you back home. Commercial use of the photos Can I use my photos commercially? No the pictures you take at the photo tour are not allowed to be used commercially. May I publish my photos? The pictures you take at the tour are for private use only (own webpage). Social networks where profit can be made (like YouTube and so on) are strictly forbidden. All kinds of commercial use is forbidden.                       Unauthorized access to the property is strictly forbidden. Every violation is reported. 
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