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Criminal offenses also apply to "lost places" visitors! The former Kent School in Schwalmtal-Hehler has long been considered as a so-called "Lost place" for scene-savvy and self-proclaimed adventurers. That such buildings or terrain possess a magical attraction is also clear to us. Nevertheless the thirst for adventure is also offset by private interest. However, the following applies to the grounds of the Kent School which is privately owned - as to any other fenced-off private property: Trespassing is prohibited! In 2021 there were again a large number of national " Event tourists" coming to Schwalmtal. The local security company reported a total of 61 trespasses to the police. This means that investigations will be initiated against these people. In many cases in addition to unauthorized access there is also property damage which ultimately no longer has any relation to pure curiosity. It is understandable that the owners do not approve of this. That is why we expressly mention again that access to the site of the former Kent School is prohibited. In the case of the Kent School in particular the place is not so "lost" at all but is constantly guarded by employees of the security company. Quelle: https://ms-my.facebook.com/polizei.nrw.vie/photos/a.1672068696190674/4909238599140318/ Please note Unauthorized entry will be reported immediately without exception! Trespassing (§123 StGB) carries a prison sentence of up to one year or a high money fine!
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